MS-V Series
Variable Speed Hoists

The MS-V Series is an extensively upgraded version of our standard hoist, offering many benefits.

Beyond offering faster and higher capacity options than our standard hoists, the soft start and stop capacity of these hoists offers a smoother ride and a greatly extended service life.

Speed – Up to 95m/min
Load Capacity – 1000kg – 3200kg
Cage Size- 3.2×2.5×1.5m
Standard cage sizes can be modified to suit customer requirements

MS-M Series
Heavy Duty Multi-Mast Hoists

Responding to the increasing demands of our customers we have introduced a range of super heavy duty hoists with load capacities up to 20’000kg.

These come in 2 and 4 mast configurations and feature our inverter driven variable speed drive system as standard.

Speed – Up to 36m/min
Capacity – Up to 20,000kg
Cage Sizes- Up to 8mx5mx3.4m as standard
Larger sizes available on request.

MS-S Series
Standard Hoists

Now largely replaced by the MS-V series. Our standard hoist can still be an option for projects where economy is the driving factor

A reliable and extensively field tested design combined with a comprehensive safety system can make the MS-S a great choice.

MS-C Series
Compact Hoists

A compact hoist for transporting personnel and materials where space is limited.

Available with both standard and variable speed drives.

Speed – 36m/min
Load Capacity – 300kg – 800kg
Curved Mast Hoist

MS Custom Series
Curved Mast Hoist

A special application hoist designed for transporting materials up curved structures such as cooling towers.

The mast sections utilise a customised connection to form the curved mast.  A self balancing system on the base of the cage keeps the hoist level during operation.

Speed – Up to 36m/min
Load Capacity – 1200kg – 1600kg

MS Custom Series
Inclined Mast Hoist

A special application hoist designed for transporting materials along inclined elevations.

Speed – Up to 36m/min
Load Capacity – 1000 kg – 2000kg