MS-M Series Multi-Mast Heavy Duty Hoists

Feature summary

-Singe or dual car operation

-Load capacity 2000kg-2700kg

-Customised car sizes and side doors available

-Heavy duty brake and over speed safety

-Remote control and aut landing system

-Lightweight aluminium car and heavyweight steel frame

-Variable speed motor control

Product description

Multi-mast heavy duty hoists can be used in all kinds of applications for transporting both materials and passengers in a single or dual cage configuration. The maximum cage size can be up to 5m length with 2m width and also configured with variable speed motor controls. The key feature is that there is a side door which can massively increase the loading efficiency by using a forklift, which can save time and money.  This hoist is suitable for large size goods lifting and heavy duty projects. The payload is 2000kg to 2700kg, with a maximum speed of 0-63m/min or 0-96m/min and a maximum lifting height of 300m. One of the significant advantage is its full safety system including: 

1.Overload protection

2.Safety device

3.Safety hook

4.Top and bottom limit switch and limit cam

5.Top and bottom slow down switch

6.Top and bottom 3-phase switch

7.Limit switches for cage door, trap door, enclosure door, inspection and landing door

8.Top impact prevention