Standard Construction Hoist (MS-SC)

Feature Summary

  • Single or dual cage operation
  • Speed up to 36m/min
  • Load capacities 1000-2000 kg depending on model
  • 3 optional car sizes available
  • Heavy duty brake & over speed safety
  • Simple and easy to maintain design
  • Light weight aluminium car & heavy strength steel frame
  • Direct start-up and stop
  • Optional automatic operation

Product Description

Our Standard hoists are used in many applications on transporting both materials and passengers in a single or dual cage configuration with a payload of 1000kg to 2000kg.
Typical applications can include temporary or permanent personnel and material transport, new and restoration building projects as well as bridges and other civil projects.

Although lacking many of the advanced features of our inverter driven systems, we will never compromise on operator safety.
Standard safety systems include.
1.Overloading prevention
2.Safety hook
3.Top and bottom limit switch and limit cam
4.Top and bottom slow down switch
5.Top and bottom 3-phase switch
6.Limit switches of cage door, trap door, enclosure door, inspection and landing door
7.Top impact prevention

Technical Specification