AC-13000 Work Platform


The AC-13000 mast climbing work platform is one of the largest capacity machines of its kind an ideal solution for all kinds of repair & construction projects. It is manufactured using the highest standard of materials and components. Using a highly skilled workforce ensures a high standard of quality at all stages of the manufacturing process.


The AC-13000 provides safe, sturdy, quick, and efficient access for workers and their materials to high environments. It has the capability to be positioned at exact heights, providing a more ergonomic work position for employees. The AC-13000 system is unhindered by frames and other obstructions often associated with traditional scaffold. Two independent drive units elevate the AC-13000 platform up two separate drive racks. This duel rack and pinion system provides twice the safety of other single racks systems. Each drive system also incorporates failsafe brakes and centrifugal clutches for emergency platform lowering.


The AC-13000 system can be mounted on a trailer for site transportation. The trailer is equipped with four wheels and four telescopic outriggers that allow the platform to free-stand to a height of 50ft (15m) without the need to be secured to any building or structure. Each machine has two 110v power outlets for easy hand tool connection. The AC-13000 is specifically designed with the MASON in mind and includes step down front extensions for wooden batons. The AC-13000 has a huge lifting capacity of 11725 lb (5320kg), a maximum platform length of 57ft (17.5m) and is equipped with front extensions to allow an extra 5ft (1.5m) of work area as standard


By changing platform sections, a wide variety of platform lengths and capacities can be achieved. With front and rear extensions the platform can be configured to suit the most complicated facades.