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  • Satellite AC 8000 Twin Launch
    New Product Launch
  • Mastclimber Solutions are pleased to launch the new AC 8000 Twin Mast Climber. After a constant request from customers to provide a twin satellite machine, we undertook the R&D programme in early  2008. After 12 months total R& D time, we had a completely new, tested and ready for sale unit.  Ken Monson (Managing Director) "It gives me great pleasure to introduce this machine to the customers who have requested it. I wish to thank the whole team for the immense efforts in making this possible in such a short time"


  • Access Solution for the manufacture of Gas tanks
    Access to Gas Tank manufacture solution provided by Mastclimber Solutions.

MCP Sales and MS provide the solution again, this time to provide access for the fabrication of gas tanks for Air Products plc in Wrexham, UK. The tanks vary in height and diameter. The largest being 8m high x 3.0m diameter. MS provided two satellite AC 13000 machines with specially fabricated extensions as seen below. The centre radius bolt on modules can be interchanged with various radius modules, depending on the diameter of the tank being manufactured


  • Special Hoist for Gibraltar
    MCP Sales took delivery of 2 specialized Hoists for Gibraltar

    The contract is to stabilize and repair the east side water catchment on the Rock of Gibraltar. The water catchment is a natural sand bank which was formed centuries ago by sand blowing across the now Gibraltar Straights from Africa. In the early part of the 20th century the British military covered the sandbank with corrugated iron sheets. This captured the rainfall and was diverted inside the Rock to water tanks.

    The contractor, approached MCP Sales with the problem of how to get men and materials up and down the water catchment. MCP contacted MS in the early part of 2000 with the problem. The machines had to go up an incline of 35 degrees. The cage had to be 4.5m long, the inclined height of 450m.

    MS provided a solution. A twin mast hoist travelling at 25m/min with a 4.5m x 1.5m internal platform load 1.800 Kg.