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Mastclimber Solutions aims to be the worlds leading manufacturer and supplier of access equipment. We are continually designing and developing new ideas, as well as upgrading our products to meet with new health and safety legislation, and customer requests. The product was formed after years of talking to customers asking what their needs where, and then designing the product to suit those needs. What we came up with was the Satellite range of mast climbing work platforms

We found that the biggest need was for a mast climbing work platform with a large load capacity, and ease of use for the operators, erectors of the equipment. So evolved the Satellite AC 13000 and to follow the AC 8000, designed to withstand the rigors of the construction industry, whilst being user friendly for the operators, and workers.

With safety being of paramount importance to you the end user, you will see in the specifications page that this has been of up most importance when designing the mast climbers.

Our design and engineering team can provide technical information as well as provide engineering back up for all our dealers, and customer's throughout the world.